How educational experience in a foreign country can add professional value in a changing job market

The professional learning acquired through an educational or academic experience in a foreign country goes far beyond the hard skills developed in the course itself. It happens because the most valuable learning comes from multiple interactions experienced living in an environment of cultural diversity.

With the technological advancement of the last decades, it is easy to learn hard skills even at home. Anywhere on the planet, it is possible to access through the Internet new content in tutorials, articles or books and learn several topics. It is possible to learn even very specific techniques without leaving home.

It is ironic that as we live in a time of revolutionary changes in the labour market, it is difficult to predict what will be the requirements of our profession in the next two years as the changes promoted by technological innovations take place at a very rapid pace. In the face of this reality, a skill set that is getting more relevant in recent years is what we refer to as the "soft skills".

Developing soft skills requires an effort that is not purely intellectual. Firstly, solid self-knowledge of the prejudices and biases developed throughout life is crucial as they can interfere with an individual's ability to understand new experiences without the influence of positive or negative emotions arising from past experiences. The development of soft skills also requires a capacity for constant change of mindsets in dealing with daily challenges.

In this context, the educational and personal experiences acquired living in a foreign country add tremendous value because the decision to move to another country itself implies a change of mindset by relinquishing predictable routines from a comfort zone and to embrace a new learning environment even for personal daily routines that require interaction with people from diverse cultural backgrounds and different worldviews.

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