What We Do

Dreaming to come to Canada? If yes, then you need good advice. Not from a friend. Not from a family member. And definitely not from random people you meet online.

You need good advice from professionals, who have helped thousands of people just like you

Imagine what kind of results you can get, if you have a knowledgeable, honest, dedicated, and experienced immigration professionals showing you how to prepare a strong and mistake-free application?

That's exactly what ImmigrationShop is about. Through this platform, you will work together with an immigration lawyer to get your Canadian visa or immigration application approved.

We have only one goal - to help YOU to achieve your immigration dreams. That's why, in our online courses, we show you how to do your application and share all the secrets and samples of necessary documents with you, so you can succeed.

If you are a doer and want to handle your immigration application yourself, get an immigration lawyer to be your mentor and let's achieve your Canadian dream together. And you'll save on traditional legal fees.


Do it with a licensed Canadian immigration lawyer, and be confident!

Exclusive Services For Our Students

Each course allows you to get a discounted half-hour live consultation from a licensed Canadian immigration lawyer & a professional review of your completed application.

Bundled Offers

When you bundle our courses and services, you save more!

Let Us Mentor You

We are a team of immigration professionals from Toronto, Canada and we know your challenges. Let us guide you in your immigration journey.

Feruza Djamalova

Immigration lawyer in Ontario, Canada since 2011.

Rakhmad Sobirov

Licensed lawyer in Ontario, Canada since 2012.

Mariam Jammal

Summer Law Student & aspiring to be a lawyer soon.

How Does it Work?

A new, smarter way to do your visa application.


Stronger Application. Better Results. More Money in Your Pocket.

Youʼll have all necessary tools, sample documents and knowledge to prepare your persuasive visa application, plus a peace of mind. A licensed immigration lawyer will always be there to help you. We want you to submit your best visa application with confidence & no mistakes.

Hereʼs our guarantee: Participate fully in one of our courses, following each step of the document collection and preparation, as well as the applicable tips, and your chances of getting of positive result will be significantly higher!

You're not alone in this. We are here to help! If you are still not confident in your application after you complete it, you can get a licensed Canadian lawyer to review it before submitting.

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