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    Learn from experienced licensed Canadian immigration specialists how to prepare strong visa & immigration applications without spending a fortune!


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Do you want to visit, study in or immigrate to Canada?

If yes, then here you can learn how to prepare your Canadian visa & immigration applications like a professional -- with step-by-step video guidance from experienced, licensed lawyers of Sobirovs Law Firm - a multilingual Canadian immigration law firm located in Toronto, Canada.

We created comprehensive workshops for you, where we take you by the hand, walk you through the process and give you the templates, formulas and tools, so you can prepare strong, mistake-free and persuasive applications to apply for different Canadian visas & immigration programs.

Through our workshops we will transfer our knowledge, obtained by many years of education and experience in this field to YOU, so you can achieve your Canadian dream for a fraction of a cost that it would cost you to hire a professional. 

Our workshops cover various types of visas to Canada as well as immigration, family sponsorship & citizenship applications.

So, welcome to ImmigrationShop, Future Canadians!

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Exclusive Workshops Packed With Value

Each workshop comes with all the necessary formulas, templates & sample application documents to get your visa application approved.

Exclusive Services For Our Students

Each workshop allows you to get a discounted half-hour live consultation from a licensed Canadian immigration lawyer & a professional review of your completed application.

Who Created the Workshops for You?

We are a team of multilingual professionals from Toronto, Canada and we know your challenges. As Canadian immigration lawyers, now we want to share our knowledge with you, so you can come to Canada & build your future in this wonderful country!

Feruza Djamalova

Immigration lawyer in Ontario, Canada since 2011.

Rakhmad Sobirov

Licensed lawyer in Ontario, Canada since 2012.

Mariam Jammal

Summer Law Student & aspiring to be a lawyer soon.

Carlos Vera

Licensed paralegal in Ontario, Canada since 2014.

Burak Yavas

Future Immigration Consultant in Ontario, Canada.

Lijing Cao

Licensed lawyer in Ontario since 2019.

Why We Want To Share Our Knowledge With You?

We believe that knowledge should be shared so that people who cannot afford (or don't want) to hire an experienced immigration professional could still get access to the right information and have their applications approved!

Our vision is to help YOU to submit YOUR BEST application for a Canadian visa or permanent residence.

We are a team of immigration professionals who spent over 8 years studying law in Canada, and then using our knowledge to prepare and submit countless visa & immigration applications on behalf of clients. We helped thousands of clients to come or stay in Canada. Now, we only helped thousands of applicants, but we want to help millions, not thousands. 

That's why we want to do something that has never been done before -- we decided to teach YOU & show YOU how to prepare YOUR best visa application yourself, so you can save thousands of dollars while achieving your Canadian dream. We want to transfer our knowledge to You!

In addition to giving you the knowledge, our visa & immigration workshops will:

  1. Save you money on professional fees while ensuring maximum accuracy of your application, as if an experienced legal professional were doing the work for you;
  2. Support the success of your application with the knowledge that many legal professionals gain through years of intensive immigration practice. The knowledge we share with YOU stays with YOU for many years;
  3. Give you the right tools & template documents you need to manage every step of the visa application & immigration process, both before & after your application;
  4. Decrease the risk of delays or refusals in your visa & immigration application;
  5. Put you on the right path, with the right visa, to expand your opportunities in Canada.
  6. We want to increase your chances of getting approval for your Canadian application by teaching you what we know & giving you affordable alternatives to traditional legal services. We believe that once you come to Canada, study in Canada or live in this beautiful country, you will have a better chances in the future!

Do It Yourself & Save Thousands of Dollars!

The truth is people can manage most visa & immigration applications on their own. With the right knowledge & expert guidance you can succeed in your visa applications.

We get it. You do not want to get refused or worse, have an unfavourable record in your  visa or immigration application history. But the professional fees in Canada may be too high for you.

You might be thinking: ”Why donʼt I prepare & submit my own application? The Canadian immigration authorities allow me to submit my applications without hiring a lawyer or an immigration consultant. All I need is some guidance & sample documents which I could use to prepare my strong application.“ Absolutely! You have that option now! Get the knowledge & experience of a professional to serve you!

That is why Sobirovs Law Firm created detailed workshops to provide you with in-depth knowledge, step-by-step video demonstration, explanation,  guidance & template documents prepared by our experienced Canadian immigration lawyers! We believe that anyone who is eligible & has the necessary knowledge can prepare a visa & immigration application with confidence.

In any visa application you would have many questions in mind, such as where to start, what documents to collect, how much money to show in your bank account & how to convince the Canadian authorities to issue you a visa, study permit, work permit or an immigrant visa. We tried our best to answer all those questions in our workshops using our rich experience & knowledge.

The workshops & services offered at ImmigrationShop will help you save your money & increase your chances in any kind of visa or immigration application, whether temporary or permanent.

After completing the appropriate workshops, we are confident that you will be able to prepare & submit a persuasive application online or using a paper-based method. You will also be able to deal with the Canadian visa or immigration officers during the application process, handle application refusals & successfully pass the interview at the Canadian border upon arrival to Canada.

So, letʼs get started with your dream to come to Canada! We are happy that todayʼs technology allows us to share our rich experience & help people like you!

Hurry! You can save big if you act now!

We Will Work Together For Your Success!

We are focused on the success of your visa application. That's why we included the tools & knowledge necessary to get desirable outcome for you!

Each workshop we offer will help you understand the relevant visa or immigration program in detail, providing you with all the necessary supporting documents as templates & explaining them, section by section, line by line, with close attention to certain points that we know to be essential to get a positive result - based on our experience in handling thousands of visa & immigration applications.

The result is youʼll learn how to prepare & submit your best visa or immigration application. A promise we stand by, having prepared such applications since 2012!

Using our rich legal knowledge & experience in addressing the most common reasons for visa denials, we will explain how to avoid common pitfalls and ensure your application package is of high quality, is complete, correct & accurate. 

And since the workshops are delivered online, you can complete each workshop conveniently. That means downloading all your necessary application documents -- and completing them side-by-side with the lessons so you understand every section, all at your own pace.

Workshop access will be limited to a definite period, giving you more than enough time to complete your application. If you want, you may extend your workshop access period for a small extra fee of $15 USD per month for up to 2 extensions.

Detailed Workshops Designed by Canadian Immigration Lawyers for Your Success

Each workshop comes packed with these features & more.

Expert Legal Knowledge

Gain insights into the logic and purpose of each visa & immigration program.

Step-by-Step Video Guidance

Let us show you how to complete required application forms the right way!

Immaculate Application

Avoid the most common visa application mistakes, and lower your risk of refusal.

Fundamental Documents

Draft & prepare your documents using the templates prepared by lawyers.

Online or Paper-Based

Best practices and valuable tips about online or paper-based visa applications.

Discounted Consultation Fee

Talk to an immigration lawyer about your case for half-hour at for just $149!

Handle Visa Refusals

Handle a visa refusal so you can improve your next application.

Arriving to Canada

Pack these valuable tips from our lawyers before your trip to Canada. 

At the Canadian Border

Important tips on how to respond to questions at passport control.

Your 100% Confidence

We have designed these workshops to give you the highest level of confidence & pass our extensive knowledge to you.

Weʼre so confident our workshops will be very helpful for you and significantly increase the odds of getting a positive decision on your student visa application,  that we are offering you at 25% off (limited to the first 100 students). 

Youʼll have all necessary tools, sample documents and knowledge to prepare your own persuasive visa application, plus a peace of mind. We want that you submit your best visa application with confidence & no mistakes.

Hereʼs our guarantee: Participate fully in one of our workshops, following each step of the document collection and preparation, as well as the applicable tips, and your chances of getting of positive result will be significantly higher than if you did it on your own without any professional help!

If you are still not confident in your application after you complete it, you can get a professional review at a discounted fee to have your completed application checked before submitting it.

Get Your Workshop & Take Your First Steps Towards Canada

Each workshop comes with all the necessary formulas, templates & sample application documents to get your visa application approved.

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