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I help people get admitted to top universities or colleges with scholarship.

Are you motivated to study at Canada's top universities or colleges with scholarship?

Hello! I'm Rakhmad Sobirov. I believe that studying in a developed country, like Canada, will create many opportunities for you.

Currently, I manage a successful law firm in Toronto, but I'm also passionate about helping people achieve their dreams and want to directly affect your life in a positive way.

I've been blessed with an opportunity to study at one of the top universities in Canada and receive multiple scholarships from universities in Canada, the US and Europe. I want you to achieve similar or better results in your life.

That's why I am selecting 10 aspiring people to personally coach on how to get admitted to a university or college in Canada, and get a maximum number of scholarships.

If you're interested in my personal Coaching Program below, then read on and apply for it to see if you qualify.

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My Coaching Program

If you desire to study in Canada and build your future in this country or elsewhere, you need thorough guidance. I am ready to help you.

I'll challenge you and myself to work together for 4 weeks to get you the desired result.

Are you ready to embark on a journey with me to shape your future?

If yes, then click on the button at the end of this page and submit your pre-qualification application.

Spots are limited.

The schedule of the upcoming Program:

  • March 1-10, 2020: Pre-launch: 1-on-1 phone calls with pre-selected candidates.

  • April 1-7, 2020: Week One of the Program

  • April 8-15, 2020: Week Two of the Program

  • April 16-23, 2020: Week Three of the Program

  • April 23-30, 2020: Week Four of the Program

  • Summer 2020: Submitting your Applications to selected universities/colleges in Canada. Reporting to the Coach.

The tools you’ll get with the Program:

  • Access to the Study in Canada Workshop and all its downloadable materials on the ImmigrationShop platform. You must follow all the guidelines given in that Workshop.

  • Access to the Coaching Program on the ImmigrationShop platform. The online content will be released on a weekly basis as we progress.

  • Four LIVE Q&A sessions during the Coaching Program. One LIVE session per week through a closed Facebook group or Zoom.

  • Access to the Student Visa Workshop and its materials on the ImmigrationShop platform. This workshop will be needed when you get full admission to a Canadian university/college.

What to expect in the Program:

  • I will call you to have a one-hour of 1-on-1 strategy planning session. I want to know your plans (short-term & long-term), your challenges, your current situation and everything else that is related to your desire to study in Canada.

  • I will help you select the most suitable programs and universities/colleges in Canada based on your goals. We will narrow them down to top 5 programs/universities that will fit your goals.

  • I will guide you on how to prepare your admission applications and what documents to include to make your applications strong. 

  • We will draft together your study plan, motivation letter, reference letter, Canadian-style resume and scholarship request letter. You will need to prepare the first drafts based on the guidelines in the Study in Canada Workshop. I will review and revise them. During the Coaching Program, I will be able to review them only twice. Then, you will further improve and finalize the documents.

  • I will review the final versions of your applications before submitting to the chosen universities.

  • You can send me a list of specific questions each week during the Coaching Program. I will respond to them in writing or by organizing an additional live 1-on-1 online meetings with you.

  • I will help you with your communication with the universities/colleges after you submit your applications.

  • I will instruct you on what to do to get a student visa when you get your admission letters.

  • As a student of the ImmigrationShop platform, you can get a discounted consultation from a senior immigration lawyer at Sobirovs Law Firm and, if you want your student visa application reviewed by an experienced Canadian immigration lawyer, you can have that too at a discounted rate.

Requirements for candidates:

  • A minimum of score of 6.5 in the IELTS Academic with each band score of not less than 6 or similar results from other language tests: iBT (TOEFL) or program-specific tests: GMAT, GRE, LSAT and etc.

  • Absolute dedication and allocation of time for the Coaching Program, if selected. You will allocate time for 1-on-1 meetings in the Pre-Launch Week and 4 consecutive weeks for the actual Program.

  • Focus on and full completion of all action items on a week-by-week basis. There will be many time-sensitive action items!

  • Preparation and timely delivery of initial draft documents to your Coach for review and feedback.

  • Absolute full honesty in providing information to your Coach. All 1-on-1 discussions with your Coach are confidential.

  • Access to high speed Internet and a computer. This is an online Coaching Program comprised of live and non-live sessions.

  • Commitment to attend all weekly LIVE Q&A sessions on a secure online platform such as a closed Facebook group or Zoom. The Q&A sessions will be recorded.

If you feel you’re ready to STEP UP and move forward fast with your dream to study in Canada, let’s see how I can help you ACHIEVE this specific dream by clicking below.

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