Learn How to Create Your Express Entry Profile Mistake-Free for just $399*

Experienced Canadian immigration lawyers will teach you how to create your Express Entry profile with no mistakes & save money on professional fees.

*early bird price until March 1, 2019.


Major Benefits of This Course

You don't have to hire an immigration lawyer to get these benefits.

Valuable Knowledge & Tools

You will get the necessary knowledge & valuable tips from an experienced immigration lawyer. 

Save on Big on Professional Fees

An immigration lawyer charges around $1,900 for an Express Entry profile creation. But you can learn how to do it yourself for just $399.

Obtain that
Peace of Mind

To get extra confidence, you can get a 30-minute live consultation with an immigration lawyer ($299 value) for just $149.

Professional Review at a Low Price

You can also add a professional review of your completed Express Entry profile by a licensed Canadian immigration lawyer ($799 value) for a low price of $499.

Who Can Benefit from this Course?

Through this course you will get all necessary tools & knowledge of an experienced Canadian immigration lawyer.

If you want to get permanent residence in Canada through the Express Entry program, you need to create a correct and strong Express Entry profile. This is the basis of the second stage of the Express Entry and your future in Canada. This course will teach you how to answer each of the detailed questions when creating an Express Entry profile. 

When it comes to creating an effective Express Entry profile, many people are confused and prone to make a mistake in answering the questions, such as

  • What is my NOC code considering all my duties and responsibilities?
  • Will my part-time, contract or on-call job experience be counted towards my Express Entry score?
  • When I include my spouse my Express Entry score goes down. What can I do?
  • What documents should I collect in advance to support the information that I gave when creating my Express Entry profile?
  • How much money to show in my bank account as proof of funds?
  • I have a criminal record from my home country. What can I do?
  • I have been refused Canadian visa several times. Will it affect me?
  • In the last 10 years I have had several positions. Which position should I use to get a NOC code?
  • How should I answer the border officerʼs questions upon arrival to Canada?
  • Can my spouse & children come to Canada after I come a permanent resident?

In this course, youʼll get answers to all your questions & much more!

We also know that there are many people on the Internet telling their stories on how they got the Canadian permanent residence. And itʼs difficult to find a reliable information that fits your specific situation. Obviously, there is a fear of doing something wrong or getting refused because of misrepresentation or leaving an unfavourable record in the Canadian embassy notes.

You would love to have a professional help, but the professional fees may seem high. A typical immigration lawyer charges around at least $1,900 per one Express Entry profile creation.

You might be thinking: ”Why donʼt I prepare and submit my own application? The Canadian immigration authorities allow me to submit my applications without hiring a licenced lawyer or an immigration consultant. All I need is some guidance and sample documents which I could use to prepare my strong application. “ Absolutely right! You have that option now!

Thatʼs why we created this detailed course to provide you with a step-by-step video guidance on how to create your Express Entry profile & feel confident about it. This course will help you increase your chances of success in getting an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence & save money.

After completing this course, youʼll be able to create an effective Express Entry profile & enter the pool of candidates from which the Canadian government selects the candidates twice a month.

Youʼll also be able to deal with changes in your circumstances including the updates in to your profile during the selection process, correct your mistakes, if any & learn about what comes next in the second stage of the Express Entry program. We suggest you consider getting the Express Entry - Part 2 course, too.

So, letʼs get started with your dream to come to Canada!

Here's What You'll Learn

We'll do our best to give you the necessary level of confidence before submitting your visa application.

  • In this course, weʼll help you to understand the Express Entry application process in detail, giving you the necessary information & tips on how to increase your chances to be selected by the Canadian government & get the Invitation to Apply.
  • We will give you scenarios to consider to improve your Express Entry score and suggest paying attention to certain points that are critical based on our experience in handling thousands of Express Entry profiles. Our lawyers have been dealing with the Express Entry program since its inception in January 2015!
  • In another words, youʼll have the tools of an experienced & licensed Canadian immigration lawyer.
  • The entire course is delivered online. You can watch the course videos and download the template documents when itʼs most convenient for you. You will have access to these tools for 60 days after you purchase the course. This period can be extended for a small extra fee of $15 per month.

For Your 100% Confidence

We added an option to get a 30-minute live consultation with a licensed Canadian immigration lawyer ($299 value) for just $149, because we want you to succeed!

We want you to feel safe and secure that after you complete this course.

If you do what we suggest, youʼre going to be able to understand how an experienced immigration lawyer an Express Entry profile for his/her client. You will have all necessary tools and knowledge to prepare your own Express Entry program application.

But also, you will have an opportunity to have a one-time 30-minute live consultation with a licensed Canadian immigration lawyer ($299 value) for $149, just in case you need a little more peace of mind. We want you to create your Express Entry profile with confidence & no mistakes.

Hereʼs our guarantee: Participate fully in this Course & follow each step of the document collection and preparation, and you will prepare the best Express Entry profile considering your personal circumstances!

If you are still not confident in your application before submitting it, you can get a professional review by one of our immigration lawyers ($799 value) for just $499!

If you purchase this course before March 1, 2019, you can get your completed Express Entry profile reviewed by a licenced Canadian immigration lawyer ($799 value) just for $499!

Hurry up! These amazing discounts will not last long!

Get This Course Today & Save!

Here's a unique chance to learn how to efficiently create an Express Entry profile from an experienced Canadian lawyer. Usual legal fees is $1,900 for an Express Entry profile creation. But you can learn to do it yourself for just $399 & save big (a limited time offer). Let's turn your desire to come to Canada into reality together through this course!

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Your Options That Fit Your Goals!

You have the total control of your expenses.

This Course

Only $399*

  • Step-by-Step Video Guidance
  • Helpful sample scenarios
  • Tips from experienced lawyers
  • Discounted professional consultation ($299 value) just for $149*

*LIMITED TIME OFFER (until Mar. 01, 2019)

Professional Review

Only $499*

on top of the Express Entry - Part 1 Course ($399*)

  • Detailed Review by an Immigration Lawyer ($799 value)
  • Helpful Tips & Feedback
  • 3-business day turnaround

Disclaimer: This is limited only to a review of documents and is not a full representation before the Canadian authorities.

*LIMITED TIME OFFER (until Mar. 01, 2019)

Who will you learn with?

Feruza Djamalova

  • Barrister & Solicitor in Ontario, Canada
  • Immigration Lawyer at Sobirovs Law Firm
  • Juris Doctor, University of Toronto (2010)
  • Master of Laws, International & European Law, University of Maastricht, The Netherlands (2007)
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Who developed the course?

Experienced Canadian immigration lawyers are on your side.

We are a team of multilingual professionals from Toronto, Canada who came to Canada as immigrants & know the challenges of obtaining a visa to Canada. As Canadian immigration lawyers, now we want to share our knowledge with you so you can come to Canada & build your future in this wonderful country!

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